Clever accounts may be accessed from home via the Clever web browser extension. If the extension is not installed, the username/password fields cannot be populated automatically for websites like IXL.

  1. Install the Clever browser extension. Chrome is recommended and will be used as the example. Use the links below or review How do I install the Clever browser extension?.

  2. Click Add to Chrome.

  3. Click Add extension.

  4. Click the Clever extension icon the Chrome menu.

  5. Type Yongsan under School Name and select Elementary School. Alternatively, you may visit directly:

  6. Click Log in with Google.

  7. Enter the student’s YISS email, e.g. If unknown, please ask your classroom teacher.

  8. Enter the student’s password. If unknown, please ask your classroom teacher.

  9. Clever will login and the student will be able to access any applications shared in the Clever Portal.

Additional Help:

For Parents: How do I troubleshoot my student's login to the Clever Portal?